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Free, Independent Advice on a Bad Credit Mortgage


There is often a misconception that a history of bad credit means that getting a mortgage is almost impossible. This is not the case, as many mortgage lenders actually offer bad credit mortgages for people who are currently financially secure, but have had problems with their credit scores in the past, such as CCJs, mortgage arrears, or even bankruptcy.

What Exactly Is a Bad Credit Mortgage?

A bad credit mortgage is the same as any other standard mortgage, in that the mortgage lender loans the customer a pre-agreed amount of capital, which is then repaid along with an agreed rate of interest over a specific timeframe. As with other mortgages, there are a variety of bad credit mortgage loan products available, including fixed and variable interest rates.

The best rate mortgages on offer to you will also depend on the size of deposit you are able to afford. Alternatively, having a significant amount of cash savings may open up a number of more generous bad credit mortgage loans, as you may be deemed less of a risk by the mortgage lender.

However, the main difference with a bad credit mortgage is that the rates on offer tend to be less competitive than standard mortgages, with higher interest rates, restrictions and generally more severe penalties.

Specialist Advice for a Specialist Bad Credit Home Loan Market

Although the bad credit mortgage home loans market is significantly smaller than the standard mortgage market, it’s still worth searching for the very best bad credit home mortgage rates. The mortgage marketplace is complex and dynamic, with rates and products changing on a daily basis. As professional, independent brokers and mortgage advisors, we are able to do the hard work for you by quickly and efficiently searching out the best deals to suit your individual circumstances and requirements.

Poor Credit Doesn’t Mean A Poor Mortgage Loan Rate

Whether you’ve previously been discharged from bankruptcy, incurred penalties due to mortgage arrears, have large credit card debt, or received a CCJ, we’re here to make finding a bad credit mortgage as easy as possible. Our priority is to find the best deals for our customers, and advise on ways to improve credit scores. We’re not restricted to certain products or lenders; we search the entire mortgage marketplace to find the best deals, from banks and building societies, through to specialist adverse credit mortgage lenders and providers that do not deal with the general public.

With over 30 years of experience and a full and comprehensive knowledge of mortgage products, we can not only guarantee an expert, impartial mortgage-finding service, but also assist you throughout the entire application process too.

Contact us today to start arranging your bad credit mortgage loan today.