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Your Last Will and Testament for Peace of Mind

Throughout your life you may accumulate an estate that consists of possessions, finances and property. It is only natural that you would want to ensure that eventually, your family and friends are able to appreciate and benefit from whatever you have left behind.

Why Make a Will?

Dying without having left a will (intestate) can lead to many practical, financial and emotional problems for your friends and family left behind, as they attempt to second guess how you would wish your estate to be distributed. This can lead to further disagreements that may require the intervention of a lawyer to resolve. Writing a last will and testament will negate the likelihood of any disputes over your estate, who is appointed as will executor, and the way in which your funeral is conducted.

Whilst there is no law that states that you must have a will, making a will ensures that your property and possessions will pass to your family and friends according to your precise wishes.

Why Can’t I Write My Own Will?

Almost anybody deemed to have the mental capacity to write a last will and testament, and understand the effect it will have, is able to write their own will. Writing your own will also requires that you follow certain legal formalities. In addition, you may find that you will need to have a fairly comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the tax system, especially if you are leaving significant sums of money or property.

Here at, we are able to provide you with an expert will-writing service. With competitive prices starting from just £200, we will draw up a valid last will and testament that covers all legal formalities, whilst making sure that your estate will be distributed according to your exact requests.  Knowing that your affairs are in order will mean that you’re free to life your life worry-free – for peace of mind, contact us today.