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Home Buildings and Contents Insurance

There are different types of home insurance available to home owners and rental tenants alike. Ultimately, all of these home insurance policies exist to protect your property, your possessions, or both, should your home or belongings become severely damaged due to an event, accident or catastrophe.

However, buildings and contents insurance policies can differ considerably, especially when it comes to the conditions under which a claim may be made, as well as specifying what the policy actually covers.  To ensure that you’re getting the best deal, it’s crucial that you have a comprehensive understanding of each policy, its features and restrictions, and what buildings and contents insurance protection you’re actually getting for your money.

Do I Need Buildings Insurance?

As part of the lending agreement, a mortgage lender will usually require you to take out buildings insurance cover in order to protect all parties in the event of property damage. Buildings insurance will cover repairs and may also cover the cost of rebuilds, should your property suffer severe damage.

Organising Home Contents Insurance

Some people may grossly underestimate the importance of home contents insurance, and opt for the cheapest deal available without really doing any research into the terms and conditions under which they can make a claim. In fact, some people may not bother to take out any contents insurance policy at all.

But it can be surprising to find out how much the total worth of your personal possessions can add up to. Home contents insurance will cover just about anything you own, from electrical appliances through to clothing, music and books, as well as gardening appliances and equipment. However, items of exceptional value, such as antiques, heirlooms, jewellery or artwork, may require additional specialist insurance cover.

Before beginning your home contents insurance policy search, it’s vitally important that you calculate the total value of your home contents, as if bought from new. Under-valuing your possessions in the hopes of finding a cheaper home contents insurance policy could result in only receiving a small proportion of the value of the lost or damaged items from the insurer, should you make a claim.

Compare Home Insurance Deals and Offers

You could also save time and money by searching for a combined buildings and contents insurance policy. In many cases, this dual purpose policy can prove a less expensive option. But to ensure that you really are getting the best deal, it’s worth employing the services of a professional, such as our specialists at

Utilising our expert knowledge of the home insurance marketplace, we are able to quickly and efficiently search through the various terms and conditions offered by different insurers to find the best deals at the best prices for our individual customers. Find your perfect buildings and contents insurance policy by calling us today.